All about the Secondary Air Injection System

Secondary air injection is the system that is known as the air injection pump. It is an emission control strategy that is found in vehicles. This system was introduced a long time ago. The exhaust stream is injected with fresh air by this system. When fresh air is injected into the exhaust stream, it allows full combustion of exhaust gases. The method of injection and the area where the fresh air enters the exhaust system are the things that are relied on by the secondary air injection system when it is emitting gases. The system that helps vehicles exhaust emissions has changed over the past years because of the changing technology.

In the pasts, air injection systems that were found in the vehicles used to inject air to the engine because they were very close to it. They used to pump air to the engine either through the head exhaust ports of the cylinder or in the exhaust manifold. The oxide or burn was provided with oxygen by those systems. Oxidation of burned and partially burned fuel in the exhaust was done by the secondary air injection pumps before the air was injected from the tailpipe. In the past, the vehicle did not burn the fuel entirely like what happens today. Because of that, the secondary air injection systems were the ones that reduced tailpipe emissions because the fuel was not burned completely. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

Re combustion used in the past used to produce a lot of heat. The rich exhaust, in particular, was the one that made re combustion to create a lot of heat. This resulted in misfiring carburetor which would damage the exhaust valves later. The excessive heat was not good because it could cause the exhaust manifold to incandescence. Because of the changing strategies of emission control, fuel started to burn completely. This happened when the catalytic converter was introduced. Because of that, there was a change in the functions of secondary air injection pumps. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

A vane pump called air pump is the one that is used by the pumped air injection systems. These pumps are turned or controlled by the engine using a belt or an electric motor even though this depends on the model of your vehicle. Vehicles have air filters or rotating screens that filter the air that is pumped by the air injection pumps. They filter air before it gets to the engine so that the dirt particles that might damage the system are eliminated.


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